August 8, 2022


The outreach, listening and conversation has begun…

In the last two months I have been meeting with constituents across the county, some in person and some on Zoom. The discussions have been very informative and I have been asked some good questions about my plans for when I enter office next year. I have also had initial meetings with the county manager, council members Stephens and Wolf, the three executive directors of the San Juan, Orcas and Lopez land trusts, members of the Planning Commission, and the Lopez board member of OPALCO, Brian Silverstein.
All of these meetings and discussions are part of my effort to listen and learn as I prepare to take on the role of council member for District 3 following the November elections. This effort has also included attending various county meetings including those of the county council, planning commission, land bank commission, Transition Lopez, and the Sustainable Tourism community conversations.
In the weeks and months ahead I have much more to do. This will involve further meetings with constituents, local organizations, elected and appointed officials in our county government, as well as community conversations. The planning for these engagements is underway.
If you would like to meet with me please don’t hesitate to reach out: