During August and into September I have had the incredible opportunity to have conversations
with many constituents across the county and meetings with representatives of organizations
that are an important part of our county’s community including the executive directors of all
three San Juan County Land Trust organizations and the Lopez Island Family Resource Center. I
was also very happy to be able to interact with constituents and organizations from across our
county during the San Juan County Fair. In the weeks leading up to the November 8th election I
will continue this outreach.

This month I have scheduled meetings with several Lopez Island constituents who have reached
out to me to discuss various issues that are important to them and will be going over to San
Juan Island to meet with organizations and constituents. This will include a tour of two San Juan
County Land Bank preserves with Lincoln Bormann, and meetings with the Lions’ Club, the
Executive Director of the SJC Economic Development Council (Victoria Compton), and the
Friday Harbor Town Administrator (Denise Kulseth).

As the election for a candidate for county council member is countywide, over the next two
months I look forward to meeting people across our county to introduce myself and continue
conversations about important local issues as this will inform my priorities, assuming my
successful election in November of course. There are so many people and organizations on my
list to reach out to!

Please connect with me if you would like to meet one-on-one or in a gathering of friends and
spread the word that I am in ‘outreach’ mode via social media!

With thanks and gratitude,