This past week has been very busy with outreach to islanders and organizations across the county.

Highlights included travelling to San Juan Island on Sept. 14th to meet SJC Land Bank staff and visit three preserves on San Juan, followed by a meeting with a small gathering of San Juan Islanders.

On Sept. 15th I attended the monthly OPALCO Board meeting via Zoom to discuss energy issues in our County. A number of fellow Lopezians have reached out to me to share their issues and concerns prompting a few small gatherings, and I conducted a ‘meet and greet’ at the Lopez Farmers’ Market on Sept. 17th. Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend in person the regular County Council meeting where the Comprehensive Plan updates were discussed, followed by a meeting with the San Juan Island Lions Club, and a one-on-one with the candidate for San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney, Amy Vira.

All of these meetings and interactions are educating me to the wide range of issues that constituents are focused on and concerned about: the enormous challenges with our ferry system, concerns about climate change and sustainability, lack of affordable housing, and accountability in our local government. I am grateful to be able to have these interactions as they inform my understanding of what is expected of the County Council and our local government in the future.

More outreach events are planned in the weeks ahead!