I have greatly appreciated the many meetings and events I have attended across our County this week! I will be sharing more about this in a ’News’ post next Tuesday.

I am busy organizing more campaign outreach in the coming weeks and here are a few things I am already planning for October, as time and ferry logistics allow:

Attending (virtually) the Monday, October 3 County Council meeting to follow ongoing discussion of the Comprehensive Plan updates.

  • Meeting next week with San Juan County Council member Jamie Stephens (District 3).
  • Attending the Lopez Seniors Lunch at Woodman Hall on Tuesday, October 11.
  • A ‘Meet and Greet’ (in Spanish) with our Lopez Hispanic-speaking community (date to be confirmed).
  • More conversations with fellow Lopezians, Lopez organizations and businesses through the month.
  • Campaign outreach to Shaw and Decatur, and more on Orcas and San Juan islands as time allows.

On Lopez I will be available for conversation at the library once a week, starting the week of Oct. 3 up until the elections on November 8. Stay tuned on Lopez Rocks for the day / time of week that will be organized.

If you would like to get some friends together and have a conversation, I am happy to put that into my calendar. Please reach out to me! And if you ‘like’ my website and Facebook / Instagram posts, please share with others you think might be interested.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to all who are taking the time to help me set up meetings, and to those who meet and support me along the journey I have embarked upon! I would not be a candidate for this important County Council seat if you hadn’t encouraged me to run. Thank you for all the tremendous support and encouragement you have given me.

Arriving at the Port of Friday Harbor