Two Weeks!

The past week was another very informative one that included attending via Zoom the community outreach sessions of the SJC Ferry Advisory Committee, and discussions with residents of Shaw, Lopez and Orcas Islands about issues that are of interest and concern to them, now and in the future.

As you might appreciate, these issues are big and significant ones we all share, and they are featured on my website: reliable ferry transportation; a viable and sustainable local economy; affordable housing; and environmental sustainability in the midst of climate changes we are experiencing at our doorsteps, among others including care for our SJC senior’s population, and our thriving youth. It is remarkable how unique and yet similar the issues of our islands are in this county we all share as our home. 

The winds of the winter season are coming.

The winds of the winter season are coming

In the two weeks ahead of the elections on November 8th I am looking forward to more conversations with county constituents and elected and appointed officials working for our county government. I will be making my final visit to Friday Harbor before Election Day this Thursday, October 27th.

On Saturday, October 29th I will host an open ‘Meet and Greet’ with constituents of Lopez Island at our local library from 12:00 – 2:00 pm. If you would like a 15-minute session there will be sign-up sheet, or we can make it a free and open-ended discussion for all who show up.

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank all the individuals in San Juan County who encouraged me to run and who are supporting me on the early stages of this journey. This has and does mean so much to me!

See you again at the end of the week for my next ‘Events’ post!

With an abundance of gratitude!