Get those ballots in if you haven’t already and make your voice heard!


It is hard to believe it has been six and a half months since I declared my candidacy for the position of San Juan County Council, District 3 in April, and five and a half months since I filed in May uncontested, surprisingly.

Since then, it has been an exciting and meaningful journey of campaign outreach with the support of folks in this county who encouraged me to run for election and have supported me throughout, and those who I have met along the way.

At the same time, I have continued my professional work as a consultant, which I am working to wind down before the end of the year, and enjoying raising an active Lopez Island high school student with my husband! It has been a busy time but of course very rewarding!

As I marked my ballot this past week for San Juan County elected officials I found myself reflecting on two observations, that: 1) five out of the seven positions, all uncontested, had women as candidates; and 2) the only contested position was for that of Sheriff, both candidates happen to be male – not surprising given the number of female deputies in our county.

I'm voting and so should you!

I’m voting and so should you!

The first of these two observations is interesting to me because I have had many people in recent months remark what a big job it is and ‘thanking me for the sacrifice that it entails’. I don’t feel that way, quite the opposite. I believe that all of us who are running for local office are doing it because we want to serve our community, as civil servants. I can at least speak for myself in this regard.

Regarding the second observation, I encourage everyone to vote whether a candidate is contested or uncontested and vote with your conscience based on an informed mindset. Every vote matters.

So, in the coming week I am looking forward to meetings with the Lopez Seniors Center district committee, as well as more Lopez constituents, and trying to re-schedule missed meetings last week in Friday Harbor.

Stay tuned and please reach out if you’d like to connect!