Get those ballots in if you haven’t already and make your voice heard!


It is hard to believe it has been six and a half months since I declared my candidacy for the position of San Juan County Council, District 3 in April, and five and a half months since I filed in May uncontested, surprisingly.

Since then, it has been an exciting and meaningful journey of campaign outreach with the support of folks in this county who encouraged me to run for election and have supported me throughout, and those who I have met along the way.

At the same time, I have continued my professional work as a consultant, which I am working to wind down before the end of the year, and enjoying raising an active Lopez Island high school student with my husband! It has been a busy time but of course very rewarding!

As I marked my ballot this past week for San Juan County elected officials I found myself reflecting on two observations, that: 1) five out of the seven positions, all uncontested, had women as candidates; and 2) the only contested position was for that of Sheriff, both candidates happen to be male – not surprising given the number of female deputies in our county.

I'm voting and so should you!

I’m voting and so should you!

The first of these two observations is interesting to me because I have had many people in recent months remark what a big job it is and ‘thanking me for the sacrifice that it entails’. I don’t feel that way, quite the opposite. I believe that all of us who are running for local office are doing it because we want to serve our community, as civil servants. I can at least speak for myself in this regard.

Regarding the second observation, I encourage everyone to vote whether a candidate is contested or uncontested and vote with your conscience based on an informed mindset. Every vote matters.

So, in the coming week I am looking forward to meetings with the Lopez Seniors Center district committee, as well as more Lopez constituents, and trying to re-schedule missed meetings last week in Friday Harbor.

Stay tuned and please reach out if you’d like to connect!

12 days until the elections on November 8, 2022 – Get your ballot in!

12 days until the elections on November 8, 2022 – Get your ballot in!

Hi everyone,

Well, this past week did not unfold as I had hoped in terms of campaign outreach due to COVID! The arrival of the virus in my household forced me to cancel a week full of in person meetings with people on Shaw, Lopez and San Juan Islands.

Fortunately, I was still able to have some of those meetings on Zoom and by phone. This provided me with my first opportunity to hear directly from a group of Shaw Islanders (via Zoom). They shared with me their hopes and challenges, and to express that their needs often feel overlooked in the county. I hope to be able to re-schedule my in-person trip to Shaw soon so that I can meet a greater number of community members. But it was wonderful to have that initial connection.

Checking out the North Shore property

Checking out the North Shore property

I also had the opportunity to meet by phone with Ken Burtness, co-chair of the County’s Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC). Ken gave me an introduction to the multiple challenges our islands’ ferry service is facing now and in the future. It was an illuminating discussion about the scale and scope of the problems that exist and what inroads might exist to tackling some of those in the coming year(s).

Unfortunately, the seven meetings I had scheduled for San Juan Island yesterday, Oct. 27 th , will need to be re-scheduled in the coming weeks. And the in-person ‘meet and greet’ event I had oped to have at the Lopez Library this Saturday, October 29 (12 – 2pm) has been re-scheduled as a Zoom meeting for anyone who would like to join and have a conversation. The link to the Zoom meeting is: / Meeting ID: 872 444 7000 / One tap mobile +13602095623,,8724447000# US

Next week I look forward to joining the Lopez Island Seniors Center monthly board meeting at Woodman Hall 10 am – 12 pm. I hope to learn of their plans for the year ahead. I also look forward to an introductory meeting (online) with the SJC Superior Court, Judge Katie Loring and her staff to hear about the work of the Superior Court in our county. More small group meetings with Lopez Island constituents are also lined up, and then I will be planning to reschedule those meetings I had to postpone this past week.

There will be a County Council meeting at 9 am October 31 to continue discussion of the updates to the SJC Comprehensive Plan and a regular meeting at 9 am of the SJC Council on Tuesday, November 1.

Have a wonderful last week of October and Happy Halloween!

Two weeks until election day (Nov. 8)

Two weeks until election day (Nov. 8)

Two Weeks!

The past week was another very informative one that included attending via Zoom the community outreach sessions of the SJC Ferry Advisory Committee, and discussions with residents of Shaw, Lopez and Orcas Islands about issues that are of interest and concern to them, now and in the future.

As you might appreciate, these issues are big and significant ones we all share, and they are featured on my website: reliable ferry transportation; a viable and sustainable local economy; affordable housing; and environmental sustainability in the midst of climate changes we are experiencing at our doorsteps, among others including care for our SJC senior’s population, and our thriving youth. It is remarkable how unique and yet similar the issues of our islands are in this county we all share as our home. 

The winds of the winter season are coming.

The winds of the winter season are coming

In the two weeks ahead of the elections on November 8th I am looking forward to more conversations with county constituents and elected and appointed officials working for our county government. I will be making my final visit to Friday Harbor before Election Day this Thursday, October 27th.

On Saturday, October 29th I will host an open ‘Meet and Greet’ with constituents of Lopez Island at our local library from 12:00 – 2:00 pm. If you would like a 15-minute session there will be sign-up sheet, or we can make it a free and open-ended discussion for all who show up.

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank all the individuals in San Juan County who encouraged me to run and who are supporting me on the early stages of this journey. This has and does mean so much to me!

See you again at the end of the week for my next ‘Events’ post!

With an abundance of gratitude!

3 weeks until election day!

3 weeks until election day!

More meaningful outreach and news! And only 3 weeks until election day!

This past week of outreach was another busy one!

It was wonderful to attend the Tuesday Seniors Luncheon at Woodman Hall on Lopez to introduce myself and engage in conversation. I look forward to making a strong connection with our seniors’ community across the County.

On Wednesday I was invited to attend the weekly meeting of County Government officials / department heads (elected and appointed). It was great to make this initial introduction and to put names to faces! I look forward to meeting more of them in the weeks ahead.

Later in the week on Friday I had the opportunity to meet with Faith Van de Putte who works for the San Juan County Agricultural Resources.  We had a chance to discuss the work of the Agricultural Resources Committee and its final inputs to the ongoing update of the SJC Comprehensive Plan. I also met with the Director of Public Works, Colin Huntemer and Council Member Cindy Wolf.  Both were visiting  Lopez last Friday to see the sites of prospective public works projects in the coming year.

Celebrating Delores Foss and 43 years as a volunteer with Lopez 4H

Celebrating Delores Foss and 43 years as a volunteer with Lopez 4H

Saturday, as a community volunteer I was very happy to help organize the first visit of the new 4H San Juan County WSU Extension Coordinator, Jennifer Krembs to promote the re-growth of 4H on Lopez Island. We have so much potential to grow 4H on Lopez and across the County after a few difficult years during the COVID-19 pandemic!

By the way, in case you didn’t see it, here is a link to the Seattle Times article on how San Juan County fared across the State and country in its management of COVID-19. We should feel proud of our county government and recognize all that it did to keep us safe!

Finally, I will be on Shaw Island on Sunday, October 23 for a ‘meet and greet’ from 1:30 – 3:00 pm at the Community Building! I’m very much looking forward to this!

Please be in contact if you would like to connect!!!